Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Write it Down

As a photographer I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and it always helps me to jot down my ideas and visions. Being a fashion photographer, it only seems appropriate to scribble my thoughts down in a stylish notebook and lucky for me,Christian Lacroix , a renowned Parisian designer has recently launched a stationary collection. The collection includes notebooks, cards and journals and while visiting the Musée des Beaux Arts gift shop after viewing some galleries, I came upon this notebook and just had to have it. I hope that I'm not stricken with writer's block, because I can't resist scribbling in my beautiful notebook!

Montreal Vintage Shopping

Fur Collar $20 - Friperie St-Laurent
Ralph Lauren Blazer $65- Friperie St-Laurent
Chanel Satin Scarf $20 - Friperie St-Laurent

A few weeks ago I went vintage shopping along Saint-Laurent Street with my friend, Jess. With a little bit of research and some recommendations from friends we set off for some great finds. We started at the bottom of Saint-Laurent at "Eva B" (2013 St-Laurent). Eva.B had a vast selection, but ironically this was the store's down fall. There was just TOO much to go through. The clothes were piled on racks and even into what is called "the one dollar pit" - a five foot deep, mounding pool of clothing. Let's just say it was too much to bare. Overwhelmed, we left with no purchases. We continued up St-Laurent stopping at each store that caught our eyes and Jess made a couple great, small purchases. Our final stop, and most desired destination was "Friperie St-Laurent" (3976 St-Laurent). AMAZING does not even define this store. I could have stayed for hours, but unfortunately the store was fifteen minutes short of closing when we arrived. The sales associate-a friendly, middle aged man was very helpful and personable and informed us that all clothing was 25% off! I highly recommend that you should all shop at this vintage store ; it's officially my favorite!