Friday, June 24, 2011

Scarred for Life

I absolutely love tattoos and consider the body art a fashion statement. My tattoos play as accessories that compliment my outfits and add beauty to an otherwise blank canvas. Currently I only have four tattoos, but can guarantee that by the time I'm six feet under, I'll be covered. For me, my tattoos are stamps that represent landmark moments in my life. Each time that I look at one of my tattoos I remember the age I was when I was inked, and what my life was like at that time. I reminisce as to why that design was important to me at that moment in my life and it reminds of the person I was and how I have grown, changed, developed and matured over the years. Whether a tattoo reminds me to stay grounded to my humble roots or to always remember a lost loved one, each one is as unique as I am. My elders constantly demonstrate their concern for the permanency of a tattoo, but what they don't understand is that my tattoos are the story book of my life and each one reveals a part of me at a moment in time. It is for that reason that I will never regret a tattoo, because I don't regret anything that I learn from and what teaches your more lessons than LIFE?
Below is a link to a tattoo blog for VooDoo Ink, in which I was featured on. Their blog is so visually stimulating I could browse the pages for hours. Check it out!

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