Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Top of the World

All photos by Patrick St-Arnaud (

Recently I assisted photographer, Patrick St-Arnaud on a rooftop location photo shoot. As I climbed the awkward metal stairs to the rooftop, I approached closer and closer to utopia. My newly elevated height gave me a bird's eye view of the beautiful city of Montreal and I felt like I was on top of the world. The buildings appeared to be lined up like rows of dominos, seperated only by small ally ways, and in my imagination I dreamed of leaping from one building to the other, as in the film Mary Poppins, during the "Chim Chimney" scene. That day we worked with two lovely models, Kim and Sara, and stylist Melodie Wronski. The wardrobe for the shoot was very colorful, tribal, light and flowy. Absolutely summer and lounging appropriate. My favorite articles of clothing were those from the newest collection by Rachel Roy, whose pieces are available at The Bay downtown. The rooftop gave photographer, Patrick a lot of space and locations to work with and each shot is uniquely different, all while staying fluent with the rooftop look. Altogether, the shoot was an absolute pleasure to be a part of and the team was a pleasure to work with. Be sure to check out Patrick's other work on his website at: and browse stylist, Melodie Wronski's blog at:

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