Monday, September 19, 2011

Montreal Fashion Week

Montreal celebrated it's 21st Fashion Week this year and what a celebration it was! I saw some irony in the fact that I myself am also 21 years old, and just as the Fashion Week feel I am growing towards bigger accomplishments every year. This was my first year working as a photographer at the fashion week, while covering runway shows and backstage beauty for local fashion blog, Montreal In Fashion ( The Fashion Week took place at it's usual location of the Marché Bonsecours, located in beautiful Old Montreal. While the location was gorgeous, I must admit that this fashion photographer did not look so graceful tackling the cobble stone road in 4 inch heels. Very funny! I was seen wobbling towards the Marché Bonsecours each day of the fashion week, which lasted a duration of four days, from September 6th to 8th. I was lucky enough to be accredited a media pass for the entire fashion week, thanks to my amazing co-worker and Montreal In Fashion creator, Candice Pantin. Candice and I covered a majority of the shows from Martin Lim, UNTTLD, Travis Taddeo, Dimitri Chris, Barila and many more. We also were granted special access backstage for many of the shows, which allowed us to do some beauty photography, capturing the amazing make up done by Cover Girl and the beautiful hairstyles, created by Pantene. Many veteran fashion week attendees expressed to me their admiration for the caliber of talent and precision to technicalities by this year's designers. Proving that Montreal has some incredible talent to offer in the fashion and design industry. Seeing this talent and beautiful craftsmanship first hand, I encourage anyone who is reading to attend your own local fashion weeks and to support local designers by purchasing unique pieces from their collections.
I had the most incredible time photographing at the Montreal Fashion Week and am extremely looking forward to the next. I felt like I was really in my element combining the two things I love most in life, which are fashion and photography. I'm so proud and lucky to have opportunities to work at such events and credit my hard work and determination, which has finally paid off. However, my experience at the Fashion Week would not have been so enjoyable if it weren't for Candice being there to show this rookie the ropes.


*first photo by pagguy guillet

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